Because change does not wait any longer, FRNCH works daily for the most responsible collections possible.

We don't claim to be perfect today. We also don't want to set unrealistic goals or promise you things we can't achieve.

We tend, season after season, to always do better to reduce the impact of clothing on the environment with the desire to develop our collections in a more responsible way. This desire is that of an entire team, which is firmly convinced that the well-being of the planet must be reflected through the women we dress.


Launched in the fall of 2021, the CHANGE range rethinks the use of materials to place our collections on a more responsible path by favoring eco-responsible materials, whose impact on the environment is the lowest.

The use of synthetic materials is reduced in favor of natural and organic materials, such as cotton and wool, and artificial materials, obtained from transformed natural materials.

EcoVero® viscose - Labeled fiber, it is produced from wood pulp from sustainable forests and requires reduced water consumption compared to traditional viscose. It meets the strict standards imposed by the EU Eco Label in order to ensure its traceability and the sustainability of operations while respecting the environment.

Lyocell - Substitute for traditional viscose, it is obtained from cellulose. Its fiber is biodegradable and is treated with non-toxic natural solvent.


Reducing its impact also means tending towards as little surplus as possible. This is why we are working on the pre-order scheme, with quantities as fair as possible for a reasoned production (which sometimes explains the stock shortages on certain parts).

Also for the sake of recycling and zero waste, we use the remaining pieces of fabric to make small complementary pieces for our collections.

Our stylists work with fabric scraps to create accessories using our exclusive prints, for a matching (and smart) look from head to toe, which are available in very limited quantities.

So we don't make any extra fabric to make them, we only recycle what we have left.