let's start

At the origin of the brand, a meeting, that of Franck, commercial director and Chloé, artistic director. A Parisian couple, complementary and passionate about fashion. They decide to embark together on the great adventure of entrepreneurship, and it is in 2015 that FRNCH (the contraction of their two first names) is born.

A desire: to unearth the latest trends and offer quality pieces. By associating it with their desire to offer a different, inclusive women's wardrobe, in which one feels good, FRNCH imposes its universe where creativity, urban pieces and singularity harmonize perfectly.

After a little over 5 years of building FRNCH together, a wind of change is blowing when Chloé takes over the management of the brand alone. Her unique vision and her desire for freshness lead FRNCH to create for women by women.

Through its authentic approach, FRNCH captures the particular essence of the independent woman, who frees herself from codes. She dares color and prints, she blurs the boundaries between chic and casual. Its goal: to cultivate curiosity and originality.


FRNCH know-how comes above all from Chloé's past experience. Her childhood in her parents' sewing workshop and her knowledge of the fashion world and ready-to-wear factories bring FRNCH its essence. She puts her knowledge at the service of the brand, which allows her to capture her clientele from the start.

The know-how also comes from the cultural richness of its teams who come from all over the world. They are sources of inspiration and make the collections more cosmopolitan than each other. From development to communication, FRNCH takes you through their desires and their different universes.

Each collection is guided by a theme and tells a story, a journey or a strong moment in life.

Colors and prints are the key words

Developed by our graphic designers in our Parisian studios, our prints are unique and come from our personal inspirations. An integral part of FRNCH know-how, giving it its unique DNA, our prints are exclusive and home made. From inspiration to the final print, the steps are numerous and everything is articulated in our Parisian studios. Once its design has been validated, it is digitized and colored, for a perfect rendering. Each season has its own prints, available from accessories to ready-to-wear.

Mixtures of prints, pop and vitamin colors, the FRNCH collections make you vibrate and reveal your radiance.

French Philosophy

FRNCH's philosophy reflects the image of our team: free and creative minds. We cultivate curiosity and open-mindedness so that everyone's origins intersect, intertwine, and together create positive synergies. Our cosmopolitan universe makes our originality, and makes FRNCH girls women with multiple faces.

Definition of #FRNCHgirls

With a confident approach, a free silhouette and a casual look, the #FRNCHgirls don't take themselves seriously and assume full responsibility. Bold and full of humour, they perfectly mix prints by playing with volumes and materials. The recipe for a successful mix & match.