"Made of beautiful materials and quality finishes, each piece becomes a delicate second skin."

Created in 2020, the La Petite Maille range responds to a desire for comfort and softness.

Thought out and designed in Paris, then carefully manufactured by our Italian neighbours, it offers a capsule of women's wardrobe essentials made up of sweaters and cardigans at the fairest price.


Our stylists have above all worked on a cut, a desire, a comfort

Like an act of tenderness, a soothing shelter, a reassuring enclosure, the cuts are studied for a perfect fit and comfort, adapting easily to all body types. The pieces seek to create this intimate bond with the wearer, through this feeling of ease, regardless of the moments of life encountered.

"La Petite Maille is the one we want to wear every day, which comforts us when we feel the arrival of winter approaching, which accompanies us on cool summer evenings, which goes from day to night. just by accessorizing it."


Made of beautiful materials and quality finishes, each piece becomes a delicate second skin. We are looking for a feeling, a sensation, a touch, leading to infinite softness. This goes through the choice of the composition: natural materials and of superior quality, where the best fibers are selected, for their length, their fineness, the density of the knitting in order to compose an ocean of tenderness and warmth while leaving breathe the skin. The knits are then produced in Italy, in the region of Florence, in factories recognized for their know-how and which we visit regularly.


As gentle on the eyes as it is on the skin, La Petite Maille displays an assertive character that shines through in a more versatile look: neutral colors yes, but also a color chart reworked each season bringing this much sought-after spirit of the times into a timeless wardrobe. . Pastel shades, pop colors or bright shades depending on the era, the colors are studied for a perfect match that transcends styles.


To this feeling of being at home everywhere, La Petite Maille wants to modernize these essentials of the women's wardrobe. The timelessness of its models is mixed with the audacity of cuts and structures allowing its character and personality to be affirmed. It can be worn just as well on bare skin, in layering, with high collars, mixing lace, embroidery or even to replace a jacket, all with that little FRNCH "je ne sais quoi".


FRNCH's ambition remains to offer a wardrobe of timeless essentials with a strong character while remaining affordable. We are always looking for this balance between noble materials and accessibility, while being as fair as possible. We are committed to offering a fair price, reflecting our efforts to offer the best quality products possible.